Nicco Digital Ecosystem and Smart App Solution
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[Fast-Track product] Nicco Global delivers advanced consumer engagement through its digital ecosystem and smart app with in-built personal ledger solution. Designed to significantly enhance data asset creation, revenue and monetisation channels for both businesses and consumers.
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Why Nicco’s Digital Ecosystem and Smart App Solution?

A NEW ECONOMY. Nicco’s solution gives enterprise clients the capability to control their digital ecosystem exclusively with their own product/service offerings (imagine: an entirely connected and digitally streamlined travel experience…a customer arrives at an airport lounge, their favoured drink and/or snack is waiting for them to open their app and “Accept”) or, extend to other complimentary businesses to create a superior new market opportunity focused on customer service based business, more level playing field, regionalisation vs. globalisation – as well as emerging technologies such as NFTs and cryptocurrency integration into daily transactions driving the key benefits of the new economy: technological change, productivity and economic growth.

NICCO DEVELOPMENT. Nicco engaged the IBM Garage to build this robust and highly scalable product of which current focus is to accelerate continued development leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Quantum Computing and revolutionary Blockchain technology to ensure Nicco continuously enhances to empower enterprises to bridge the informational gap created by siloed business/industry offerings which will struggle to thrive in a Covid to post-Covid new economy if they remain digitally singularly disconnected and mired in old traditional strategies to grow.

CallRail customer persona

Top segments by size (# employees)
0 employees
1 – 4 employees
Small SMBs
5 – 9 employees
Medium SMBs
10 – 49 employees
Large SMBs
50 – 249 employees
249 – 999 employees
999+ employees
Top segments by vertical
Consumer Products
Sport and Entertainment
Segment 4
Segment 5
Segment 6
Not targeted customer segment
Secondary customer segment
Sweet spot


  • Create and control their own assets: Enterprises aren’t empowered to monetise their consumer assets. Ineffective data capture means businesses are unable to create genuine data assets for monetisation – resulting in poor ROI on marketing and B2B partnership opportunities.
  • Provide significant value for both B2C and B2B relationships: Nicco creates new and stable monetization opportunities for enterprises with their own valuable consumer data asset that provides both macro and micro data insights on their ecosystem and customers. Benefits the entire ecosystem – suppliers, partners, businesses, micro and small merchants, consumers across multiple locations. It also places significant value on each individual consumer, enabling greater pricing and rewards, but without the enterprise having to ‘lose’ or ‘cut’ their own revenue.
  • Trusted technology and security: The Nicco solution has been built to date via Nicco’s engagement of IBM Garage, a specialist consulting team of designers, architects and developers. Nicco will continue to engage IBM Garage (in combination with our own technical resources) to ensure integrity of continuous design, build, review and stablisation. This is enables the Nicco solution to scale with enterprise resources, and with the top of the line data and solution security measures in place.


  • 360 Customer Understanding and Personalisation: Nicco, through its very granular data collection, helps enterprises, their merchants and business partners to truly understand individual customers and match their suited products/services and price points from their specific merchants based on granular consumer data collected throughout the ecosystem. Nicco also enables an enterprise’s individual customers full transparency and control over their data including what can be shared and with whom, and gives them the ability to “get paid for their data” via genuine economic benefits throughout the ecosystem via rewards, bespoke price-points, purchase incentives and Nicco ‘dividends’ received direct into their App Wallet – with up to 10-20% of Nicco’s net revenue to be used to reward loyal users.
  • Streamlined ecosystem with significant cost reduction and greater ROI: Nicco allow enterprises to deploy all or parts of the Nicco solution under their own branding, or integrate via API into existing infrastructure, empowering enterprises to control and ensure quality of customer engagement and delivery.
  • New revenues: Nicco allow enterprises to include into their digital ecosystem partners and/or related businesses and thus facilitating an ecosystem with a ‘greater value proposition’ for customers and one that grows together rather via combined resources, versus siloed competing offerings e.g. a large consumer brand enterprise can bring in local and small merchants like dry cleaners, cafes, car washes etc to further broaden their marketplace and enhance their data asset.

Pain points

  • Approximately 81% of companies believe they provide great experiences. Only 8% of customers agree.* With the constant creation of new but siloed technology products every year, business costs are increasing, ROI is decreasing and consumers are becoming increasingly demanding on greater convenience, better value for their money and legitimate rewards within industries where they are typically used and seen only as the ‘commodity’ in a supply chain. Example: Uber Eats charge merchants 30% causing merchants to increase the price of their items for consumers, plus consumers also are required to pay delivery fees, service fees and are asked to tip the driver and the merchant – and the merchant has zero control over quality of their product from pick-up to delivery to their customer.
  • In addition, COVID has shown the need for enterprise and ecosystem connection, where entire business visibility and greater understanding of each customer is now paramount in order to survive in an economy where customer-centricity and emerging technologies are taking precedence. Businesses aren‘t empowered to truly understand their customers. Irrespective of size, most businesses spread out their consumer touch-points (transactions, communications, content, marketing, in-venue, eCommerce etc) across a range of traditional and digital channels which means they don’t streamline their data capture per customer. This means enterprises:
    > often have poor or ‘after the fact’ visbility across their entire ‘landscape’; and
    > they rely on siloed customer information, with significant data gaps, for marketing strategies; and
    > their siloed data capture fails to accurately help businesses understand how each customer behaves under differing circumstances e.g. weather, price points, offer types etc.
  • Disconnected software and cost barriers. Whilst the majority of small and micro businesses lack the financial or technological infrastructure required for obtaining crucial data for business intelligence, even large enterprises miss opportunities resulting from data silos and lack visbility across various departments, merchants, locations and so on – this is because businesses typically use multiple different products and service providers to communicate, transact and engage with the same customers, causing unnecessary inefficiencies, cost duplication and user friction – and further data gaps due to lack of seamless framework connection. This lack of streamlining and digital disconnection creates inefficiencies, cost duplication, increases resource requirements and customer congestion; resulting in poor customer service interactions, affecting customer-retention and profitability in the long-run. Enterprises aren’t empowered to monetise their consumer assets. Ineffective data capture means businesses are unable to create genuine data assets for monetisation – resulting in poor ROI on marketing and B2B partnership opportunities.
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