Microsoft Management Settings
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Service that sends a GDAP request to the customer by email when there are GDAP roles pending approval.

The Microsoft Management Settings is a service that sends a customized email with a GDAP request to customers who create a new purchase request and have not approved the requested roles.

How to Use the Extension

  1. Once the extension has been installed, go to the account Settings and click the Microsoft Extension Settings service.
  2. Configure the email template that will be used to request the approval of the GDAP roles. The template supports Markdown syntax for easier text formatting, and you can see a live preview of how it will look in the email body.
  3. Once you have finished editing, select the Enable Template checkbox to use this template for the emails that will be sent to customers and click Save.

If the customer has not authorized the defined GDAP roles yet, a GDAP request containing an authorization link will be sent by email to the customer when a new purchase request is approved.

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