Microsoft Management Settings
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Configure GDAP and credentials for both Microsoft SaaS and Azure NCE Connect products.

The Microsoft Management Settings Extension allows you to configure GDAP and credentials for both Microsoft SaaS and Azure NCE Connect products.

What is included

With this extension, you will be able to complete the following actions:


  • Specify the roles that you wish to include in the GDAP request.
  • Configure different GDAP email templates for each marketplace, which may be localized to different languages and contain links to local web assets or custom support information for each marketplace.
  • Configure a default GDAP template, which will be used when a custom template is not available for a particular marketplace (country).
  • See the GDAP email history and resend the GDAP request manually when necessary.
  • Enable or disable Microsoft Default GDAP for New Customers.
  • Configure the AutoExtend for the GDAP Relationship with Customers

Credentials and Refresh Tokens

  • View the List of Credentials
  • Configure the Redirect URI
  • Configure the required credentials
  • Validate or generate a Refresh Token
  • Obtain Credentials through the Microsoft Management Settings API

How to Use the Extension

  1. Once the extension has been installed, go to the account Settings and click the Microsoft Extension Settings service.
  2. Select GDAP to manage the GDAP relationship settings or Credentials to manage your Microsoft credentials to be used by Microsoft SaaS and Azure NCE Connect products.

For more information

Please refer to our documentation to learn more about this extension’s capabilities.

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