Activation Notifications
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Send a personalized email to the customer when a new Subscription is activated.

Connect Customer Email Notification Extension

The Email Notification Extension allows sending a customized email to your customer when a new Subscription is activated.
If you are a Distributor or a Reseller, you can configure per product sending rules, and when a Subscription for such a product is activated, the extension sends an email to the customer contact using the template associated with the rule and your brand contact as the sender account.

With this extension, you can:

  • Create templates customized by product
  • Enable and disable rules very easily
  • Include subscription metadata as
    • Customer name
    • Asset ID
  • Include subscription metadata blocks as
    • Items
    • Parameters
  • Include links and images
  • See the date that the email was sent
  • See a copy of the content of the email that was sent

Once the extension is installed, you will need to create product rules. For that, go to the main page of the extension, where you will find an intuitive rule administrator.

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