Fotopia Capture

by Fotopia Technologies - FZE

Fotopia Capture is a smart enterprise document capture solution for SharePoint & O365. It allows users to directly scan documents to SharePoint, enhance image quality, add smart indexing with metadata along with quality control and direct export. The first step towards a complete ECM.



Fotopia Capture is a complete enterprise capture solution that integrates smoothly with Microsoft SharePoint and Office365. A cloud-ready application that can be accessed anywhere around the world and incorporates multiple features to make individual or batch scanning quick and accurate. Capable of interacting with a wide range of all-in-one MFPs and scanners, Fotopia Capture offers high levels of customization and configuration refinements and is perfect for any business profile. The

Capture Modules

Scanning Module
The scanning module allows you to scan your documents directly to SharePoint or Office365 using any all-in-one MFP or scanner. Define, control, organize documents capturing operation within the entire organization. Configure appropriate settings group (batch class) regulating the capture flow of your documents. Ensure all documents are queued for review, monitor the progression of the status for each batch, check how many documents or pages are in a scanned batch, which document is yet indexed or exported.

Indexing Module
The smart indexings allows you to allocate precise index, route and access-critical data and information – minimizes time taken to access specific documents or images, reduces errors and increases productivity. Built in smart indexing aloows quicker indexing process and ensures proper categorization before documents storage. The OCR add on converts scanned text into word processing files, giving the ability to index documents properly even if the document is an old newspaper or a hand writtern document.

Qaulity Control Module
The quality control sets quality assurance percentages for High volume scanning operations to ensure documents quality before archiving or sending to process. Flag any image, document, or indexing attribute and reject the batch for correcting errors. Gadget board view for all issues per batch either pending or fixed, so the user always will be aware of remaining loads.

Export and Access Rights
Export documents to SharePoint and Office365 and automatically send documents to the appropriate existing archive or to new folders or locations. Centrally manage users access to scanned documents, running batches, and specific batch classes to use. Distribute workload over multiple roles, enforce maker-checker concept for error-free operations and secured documents access.




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