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Appenate Pty Ltd [Fast-Track product] Appenate is a no-code app-building tool for medium to large businesses, resellers & solution providers. Replace inefficient paperwork and processes with customizable mobile apps. No programming is required! Maintenance forms, safety inspection forms, job sheets, and more can be replaced with a reliable digital solution. We also provide a comprehensive white-label option for the serious reseller or solution provider.
Deceptive Bytes – Active Endpoint Deception
Deceptive Bytes Ltd [Fast-Track product] Deceptive Bytes - Active Endpoint Deception solution prevents unknown and sophisticated ransomware and malware attacks that are designed to bypass your current existing security tools.
EasyDMARC Inc. [Fast-Track product] EasyDMARC is a one-stop domain security and email deliverability platform. In other words, EasyDMARC is the DMARC processing SaaS product that helps you level up your email domain management with an intuitive dashboard to guarantee peace of mind. With advanced features and solutions, you can simplify and automate your DMARC journey to protect your brand reputation, prevent domain spoofing, and ensure your emails will own your recipients’ inboxes.
Kandji, Inc. [Fast-Track product] We’re the Apple device security and management platform that empowers secure and productive global work. Through advanced automation and thoughtful experiences, we’re bringing much-needed harmony to the way admins, end-users, and global teams work today and tomorrow. Learn more at kandji.io/product.
Redactable Inc. Redactable is a web-based application that helps companies permanently redact their documents. Think of us as a 'DocuSign' for redaction. Our AI-driven platform can auto-detect sensitive information in your documents, such as account numbers, names, addresses, social security numbers, and more.
SHAREKEY Swiss AG [Fast-Track] SHAREKEY is a new collaborative application, based in Switzerland, all-in-one (messaging, drive, call, video, online collaboration, calendar, notes...), easy to use, designed to secure business privacy. Created by Executives for Executives, SHAREKEY is the solution for Decision Makers, Board Members, Legal & Financial Staff. Built in a crypto wallet, SHAREKEY is a collaborative suite encrypted app-to-app and makes it very easy to share confidential information, inside & outside an organization.
DEFENSE BALANCE, S.L. [Fast-Track product] SMARTFENSE is the online Information Security training and awareness platform internationally awarded which develops safe habits in end users.
UnderDefense SECaaS Platform
UnderDefense Inc. [Fast-Track product] UnderDefense Security-as-a-Service platform is a single solution for managing your security and compliance. Our holistic no-code solution allows businesses to automate their cyber security routines, detect threats, implement compliance policies, and deliver reports.
Wrike, Inc. [Fast-Track product] Wrike is an enterprise-ready, cloud-based collaborative work management platform for managing cross-functional work at scale. Enterprises use Wrike to offer a single digital workplace for all of their departments and teams.

Apptivo is a cloud-based, integrated suite of business applications with wide variety of apps and the ability to modify the system to suit any business's needs. It gives service providers a perfect opportunity to expand their market share in SMBs, grow recurring license revenue and increase customer stickiness.

Nyotron Paranoid

Paranoid protects endpoints and prevents damage from malware that bypasses existing security controls while offering granular visibility into the attack.

Boole Server Srl

BooleBox is one of the most reliable data protection platforms on the market. Archive, edit and share your data with ease, using a rigorous military encryption system.

Fotopia Capture
Fotopia Technologies - FZE

Fotopia Capture is a smart, enterprise, document-capture solution for SharePoint and O365. It allows users to directly scan documents to SharePoint, enhance image quality, add smart indexing with metadata along with quality control and direct export. It's the first step towards a complete ECM.

Fotopia Discovery
Fotopia Technologies - FZE

Fotopia Discovery is a smart search tool built for SharePoint and Office 365. It converts your unstructured data into a unified search experience. It's a unique solution for instant search and retrieval of any content from your SharePoint repository, ensuring office productivity and compliance.

Fotopia Viewer
Fotopia Technologies - FZE

Fotopia Viewer is a fully-integrated system that expands the scope of SharePoint by providing users with precision tools to improve productivity and collaboration. Features include document scanning, universal viewer and document annotations such as comments, zonal redaction, signatures and stamps.


Geo's advanced mobile workforce management platform simplifies business workflows. From scheduling jobs and communicating with field workers to keeping track of costs, Geo streamlines the process so that business owners and managers can focus on the important tasks.

Intelligent Service Management

Intelligent Service Management offers a robust, full-featured service management suite that’s simple and affordable. The solution spans from help desk oriented customer support to full service management, including IT service management.

Luma Virtual Agent

Luma Virtual Agent

Movere, Inc.

Movere is a SaaS platform that provides the intelligence you need to make intelligent decisions.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks makes online accounting easy.

SOTI MobiControl

SOTI MobiControl makes enterprise mobility management (EMM) easy. It simplifies the security and management of your business-critical mobile devices and apps as well as your intelligent IoT endpoints.

Spiraldesk Software Solutions Pvt Ltd

Spiraldesk is a web-based, multi-brand helpdesk that manages customer service and communication for companies that operate with multiple entities.

Taimer Ltd

Simplify work with Taimer, the all-in-one business management solution.

P&K TimeApp AB

TimeApp is an online platform aimed at anyone in need of tracking time and expenses in relation to clients and projects. The solution consists of a broad set of smart functions, such as time tracking, invoicing mileage log and work orders. The result is a cloud software that can be used by virtually everyone, from lawyers and consultants to electricians and construction workers.

Vault America Cloud Data Protection & Availability Suite
Vault America

The Vault America Hybrid Cloud Data Protection & Availability suite features business-class services with software features to backup, protect, and recover onsite and offsite without costly hardware appliances. We are a channel-only company and provide cost effective solutions coupled with benefits partners value.


Ziwo is a call center platform that can be deployed instantly, with a fully API-based CRM integration. Connect with real or virtual agents and have a virtual phone number in any country.

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