Encore Vault

by Actsoft Integration

Use Encore Vault to optimize your team’s productivity, streamline processes, enhance communication, and improve customer service, all from an application that does even more to protect your valuable information.



Encore bolsters communications between dispatchers and mobile workers. Armed with Timekeeping, Dispatching and GPS Tracking features, Encore improves control over field operations while delivering workflow services faster and more efficiently. Boasting versatile training tutorials built directly into the app, every page is crafted specifically for quick and easy implementation. Encore modules are customizable to fit your unique business needs, while providing your company with the proper branding to separate you from your competitors.

Encore Vault provides organizations with all of the same core features of our standard solution, but with extra measures in place to further enhance data security. The application also supports compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), helping your organization better adhere to federal mandates regarding medical records.

• Hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud with Azure Advanced Data Security
• Data encryption at rest and in transit
• HIPAA compliant to protect sensitive personal information
• Secure updates with limited-access control
• Ongoing Encore staff training to ensure compliance
• Regular security scans and penetration tests
• Proactive 24/7 system monitoring
• Backed by local and geo-redundant databases for disaster recovery

Encore Features
• Wireless Forms
• Timekeeping
• Job Dispatching
• Phone and Tablet GPS Tracking
• Vehicle and Asset Tracking

• Save time and money by eliminating paper-based processes
• Prevent issues and reduce errors caused by illegible handwriting, lost forms, and incorrectly entered information
• Improve communication, productivity, and efficiency with near real-time information


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