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Pluralsight – Tech Foundations
Pluralsight Tech Foundations is the only end-to-end tech fluency program for learners and leaders. Tech Foundations empower every employee, regardless of technical background, to become conversant in the most widely relevant technologies.
Pluralsight Skills
Pluralsight Technology teams are only as successful as their skills are relevant. With access to expert-authored courses and content, skill assessments and analytics, Pluralsight Skills gives you the most effective path to building business-critical skills.
Guardian360 BV

To scan ip-addresses and web applications that are not internet facing we need a Probe inside the network

Professional Service for Kubernetes
Kubermatic GmbH

Kubermatic is Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP) and Kubernetes Training Partner (KTP) of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).

Proofpoint Essentials

Proofpoint Essentials is a cybersecurity solution providing you with enterprise-class, people-centric protection and visibility. And it gives you a modern, simplified management experience.

Qomplx Inc. [Fast-Track product] QOMPLX: Good CyberSecurity starts with trust. QOMPLX continually validates identity to ensure that people on your network are who they claim to be. Identity based threat detection and response protects your business by uncovering attackers in real-time and prevents their network dominance.
Qunifi Call2Teams
Qunifi Ltd

Call2Teams is a Cloud Service that simply connects your Microsoft Teams users to your existing phone system (PBX) or SIP Trunk provider, in minutes and without disruption or number porting. You don't need any hardware or software, and users enjoy the native Teams calling experience across all devices.

Qunifi OneVoice 2nd Gen
Qunifi Ltd

Offer the most exciting phone service in the Cloud with essential communications features that your customers need. When bundled with Office 365 and Microsoft Teams, Qunifi OneVoice PBX provides a modern Voice solution that combines Unified Communications and teamwork.

Rapidor B2B Trade Platform
Rapidor - ACELR Tech Labs

Every order, every invoice, every activity of every employee, every source of sale – even from a van that leaves the warehouse to make deliveries and the number of stops it makes….it’s all data. And this stream of data is flowing every day, week after week, month on month every year.

Reblaze WAAP
Reblaze Technologies Ltd [Fast-Track product] Reblaze provides a unified and comprehensive, cloud-based, protection shield for web platforms (websites/web apps/API), together with a full visibility, 24/7 monitoring and managed service. A ‘Reblazed’ site inhabits its own private, secure cloud, fully accessible to legitimate traffic but invisible to assailants. Reblaze offers an all-in-one private virtual cloud-based solution (VPC) including IPS/WAF, DoS/DDoS protection, BOT detection and exclusion, anti-scraping, CDN and more.
Recognition as a Service – RaaS
Deep Recognition [Fast-Track product] The Recognition as a Service (RaaS) platform from Deep Recognition provides customers with an easy way to consume Recognition Technologies (e.g. AI and Decision Support) from Service Providers, Integrators and Telecommunication Companies. Recognition Technologies include vision-based Artificial Intelligence, Satellite Imagery and IoT sensors. The biggest inhibitors to widespread adoption of AI are ease of use, deployment, scalability and the privacy and ethics concerns.
Red Hot Teams Culture
Cooper Parry IT Ltd

The service directly enables service providers to add new revenue streams. This offering is a comprehensive solution that enables service providers to expand their market share, automate, grow recurring revenue, and increase customer stickiness.

Redactable Inc. [Fast-Track product] Redactable is a web-based application that helps companies permanently redact their documents. Think of us as a 'DocuSign' for redaction. Our AI-driven platform can auto-detect sensitive information in your documents, such as account numbers, names, addresses, social security numbers, and more.
Reflectiz – Digital Security for Websites
Reflectiz Ltd [Fast-Track product] Reflectiz offers a zero-touch B2B SaaS solution that helps organizations mitigate security and privacy risks that are created by installed third-party apps on their websites.
Remote assistance

Assistance and technical support to the SME by a team of specialists who through a cloud platform remotely attend the customer by phone, mail and chat solving their technological needs and requests.

Reputation Management
Vendasta Technologies Inc.

Monitor and manage businesses' online reputations with industry-leading reputation management software.


Securely connect to any PC, Mac or mobile device on any network from anywhere at anytime. With LogMeIn Rescue, powerful remote support is at your fingertips 24/7 to connect with your customers and employees. Problem solved.

Retail in-store Analytics with Asset Protection Video Security
RetailNext, Inc. [Fast-Track product] RetailNext has partnered with global retail brands to help them measure store performance, identify opportunities for growth, implement strategies that drive results, increase capital savings, and boost bottom-line sales. Robust and scalable, the patented RetailNext platform uses best-in-class video analytics, Wi-Fi detection of mobile devices (including Bluetooth), data from point-of-sale systems, and other sources to inform retailers about how customers engage with their stores.
Rewind Backup & Restore
Rewind Software Inc. [Fast-Track product] Rewind is a data backup and recovery service for SaaS applications. We enable thousands of businesses to independently manage and control the critical data that powers cloud applications like Microsoft Office 365, QuickBooks, Jira, Github and Shopify. Our applications integrate directly with your SaaS platforms, allowing you to quickly and easily restore data in the case of an unforeseen loss; ensuring business continuity.
Ribbon – EdgeView Cloud to Edge
Switch Connect

The EdgeView Service provides service providers a single web-based dashboard to manage service quality, monitor, provision and troubleshoot VoIP. It collects granular data on SIP sessions as well as overall data network performance via the deployment of EdgeMarc Intelligent Edge devices at each customer site. This data is sent to EdgeView for analysis and action, helping support teams get to the bottom of service quality issues.

RMail & RSign by RPost
RPost RMail & RSign: All-in-One E-Sign, Email Encryption, Registered Email Track & Prove, Large File Share, and more; runs in Microsoft 365 Outlook, Gmail, Salesforce, any web/mobile browser. RMail & RSign automate cybersecurity, simplify privacy compliance, digitize workflows with e-signatures. RMail email encryption is easy for recipients, includes auditable proof of privacy compliance. RSign makes e-sign simple, controlled, automated & affordable. RPosts award-winning services used worldwide, since 2003.
Salesflare BV [Fast-Track product] Salesflare is an intelligent CRM for small and medium-sized B2B businesses, who want to sell more with less work. Salesflare automatically fills out your address book and keeps track of all interactions with the people you're in contact with. It takes data from email, social media, company databases, phone, calendar and hands it to you in automated customer timelines that tell you everything you need to know. You just have to write the emails, make the calls, and have the coffee.
Samsung Care+ Extended Warranty
Samsung Electronics America Protect your device from life’s mishaps plus get 24/7 Expert support to make your digital life easier.
Samsung MagicINFO Cloud
Samsung Electronics America MagicInfo Content Management System
Samsung MagicINFO-On Premises license
Samsung Electronics America Samsung MagicINFO On Premises license - BW-MIP70PA
Samsung Q Series – Professional Display
Samsung Electronics America Samsung Q Series Professional Display
Sanebox 1

SaneBox is an AI assistant for your inbox. It helps you prioritize, unsubscribe, snooze, track replies and automate your email workflow. It integrates into Office365 with one click and works anywhere you work—on any email client, app or device.

Scaleway Elements Cloud

All you need to create, deploy and scale your infrastructure in the cloud within Europe and beyond.

Scribe TrustHub
Scribe Security Ltd. [Fast-Track product] Scribe is a solution for organizations that are concerned about threats from their software supply chain. Security and Compliance officers can use Scribe to validate the compliance and integrity of software that their organization either produces or consumes. DevSecOps teams securing software builds and security teams responsible for software in-use can use Scribe as a means to continuously assure this software is secure.
Secure Email & Collaboration
Virtru Corporation [Fast-Track product] At Virtru, we have an ambitious mission: to unlock the power of data by helping create a world where it is always under your control. Everywhere. Our flexible, easy to use, and trusted privacy technologies govern access to data throughout its full lifecycle – from creation through sharing, storage, analysis, and action.
Sembly AI
Sembly AI Meeting technology for modern teams. Use Sembly to unleash the power of AI in business meetings by transforming them into actionable insights. Now, you can focus on moving your team forward and improving communication, efficiency, and productivity.
Sendmarc Pty Ltd [Fast-Track product] Sendmarc is an email security platform that uses advanced DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance) technology to protect organizations from email fraud and impersonation attacks.
Sertifi eSignatures
Sertifi, Inc [Fast-Track product] Agreement platform provides a secure and compliant online solution to collect documents requiring a signature coupled with the ability to request and receive payments.
SHAREKEY Swiss AG [Fast-Track] SHAREKEY is a new collaborative application, based in Switzerland, all-in-one (messaging, drive, call, video, online collaboration, calendar, notes...), easy to use, designed to secure business privacy. Created by Executives for Executives, SHAREKEY is the solution for Decision Makers, Board Members, Legal & Financial Staff. Built in a crypto wallet, SHAREKEY is a collaborative suite encrypted app-to-app and makes it very easy to share confidential information, inside & outside an organization.
SharePoint Vitals
Vinewave (Pty) Ltd SharePoint Vitals offers real-time analytics for SharePoint. Monitor your SharePoint and Office 365 environments the easy way.
Siemba Pentest as a Service
Siemba Inc [Fast-Track product] Siemba is a PenTest as a Service (PTaaS) platform that enables you to orchestrate an enterprise-grade PenTesting program to strengthen your organization's security hygiene, meet customer mandates and maintain compliance requirements.
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