Rewind Backup & Restore
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[Fast-Track product] Rewind is a data backup and recovery service for SaaS applications. We enable thousands of businesses to independently manage and control the critical data that powers cloud applications like Microsoft Office 365, QuickBooks, Jira, Github and Shopify. Our applications integrate directly with your SaaS platforms, allowing you to quickly and easily restore data in the case of an unforeseen loss; ensuring business continuity.
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Amazon Web Services Marketplace
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PostgreSQL Database Extension
PostgreSQL Database ExtensionPostgreSQL DBaaS
CloudBlue Standard Transformations Library
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Microsoft Management Settings
Microsoft Management SettingsConfigure GDAP and credentials for both Microsoft SaaS and Azure NCE Connect products.
Anvil Customer Portal Extension
Anvil Customer Portal ExtensionControl Panel for service delivery
Telegram Extension
Telegram ExtensionSend platform notifications to the telegram channel of your choice.
Activation Notifications
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CloudBlue PSA
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ZapierConnect your apps and automate workflows
AutotaskThe End-to-End Software Suite for ITSPs & MSPs
AppDirectDistribute your products through a network of SaaS marketplaces.
EcwidE-commerce Shopping Cart is Fast and Easy to Use
ApigeeDesign, secure, analyze, and scale APIs anywhere with visibility and control.
BoomiAccelerate your business. Connect everything, engage everywhere and run anywhere .
CloudBlue Connect CLI
CloudBlue Connect CLICommand line tool to automate common tasks with CloudBlue Connect
FlowgearCreate & manage enterprise-grade integrations & workflows in minutes not months.
Connectwise Manage
Connectwise ManageThe powerful PSA software designed to help MSPs improve efficiencies, enhance the customer experience, and increase revenue.

Why Rewind Backup & Restore?

Every company should have a proper backup and disaster recovery plan in place for their SaaS application data that is independent of their service provider. The risk of of data loss in increasing everyday as workloads move to hosted cloud services outside of your control.

  • Protection of SaaS data is the next big thing in cyber security.
  • Rewind Backups provide a simple, affordable, automatic way to protect this data.
  • Rewind Backups helps safeguard against accidental data loss (human error), ransomeware attacks.
  • Rewind Backups helps ensure companies meet the growing number of data compliancy regulations (SOC2, GDPR).

Rewind Backups is a natural compliment to the SaaS application service; and is an easy attach/bundled service at point-of-sale. 
Rewind Backups becomes an extension of the services you manage today for your clients; opens the door to other SaaS consulting services 
Rewind provides a lucrative, recurring revenue stream; and drives increased customer retention.

Rewind Backup & Restore customer persona

Top segments by size (# employees)
0 employees
1 – 4 employees
Small SMBs
5 – 9 employees
Medium SMBs
10 – 49 employees
Large SMBs
50 – 249 employees
249 – 999 employees
999+ employees
Top segments by vertical
Professional Services focused on productivity & financial
Developer Tools
Segment 4
Segment 5
Segment 6
Not targeted customer segment
Secondary customer segment
Sweet spot


  • Simple. Need a tool to provide consistent, automatic and reliable backup and recovery of their cloud data
  • Control. Need an independent backup of their cloud data as part of disaster recovery plan and for data compliance reasons (regulatory requirement); or when migrating data from on premise to the cloud. When data is stored in SaaS applications, the responsibility of protecting the data is shared between the platform and the user. The platform provider is responsible for protecting the underlying infrastructure of the SaaS service; the end customer is responsible for protection of its own individual account level data.
  • Risk mitigation. An independent backup of your cloud data provides an added layer of security (acts as “hard drive in the cloud”); and ensures business continuity


  • Eliminates complexity. Automatic, daily backups – ensures consistency and compliancy
  • Reduces risk. Insurance plan if something unexpected happens, eliminates threat of accidental loss (human error), ransomware attack, corrupt application integrations.
  • Drives operational efficiency. Reduces downtime, (eliminates hours/weeks/months of manual recovery) and ensures business continuity

Pain points

  • Risk Mitigation / Peace of Mind. Insurance against unlikely, but highly destructive events.
  • Compliance/ Operational Efficiency. Solution to address data compliance, data security, data resiliency. Recovery of employee time & focus – avoid manual recovery.
  • Data Migration. Eliminate concerns around move from on premise to cloud – inability to recover SaaS application data if a loss occurs.
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