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[Fast-Track product] CrankWheel is a screen sharing solution designed for telesales teams. It is the easiest way to transform an ongoing cold call into a full-fledged sales presentation with screen share, agent's webcam, remote control and full-fidelity video playback. Viewers join from any browser on any device without a download or registration.
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Why CrankWheel?

CrankWheel allows salespeople to share their screens without any hassle and friction points. It works on any device and the viewer can see the shared screen within seconds. Screen sharing helps salesteams sell complex products such as financial products, insurance, solar or digital marketing. By adding visuals to sales calls, salespeople can more easily explain their value proposition and close the sale in the first call. 

Why talk when you can show? With CrankWheel, salespeople can show sales material, calculations and even stream videos with customer testimonials. When a session ends, the viewer is automatically redirected to a landing page that can include further information about the product. The viewer can see the salesperson’s screen on any device and even with a limited internet connection. The screen sharing session adapts to the connectivity of the viewer. The presenter can monitor if and how the viewer is engaged with the presentation and can see if there is a lag in the connection on the viewer’s end.

​CrankWheel customer persona

Top segments by size (# employees)
0 employees
1 – 4 employees
Small SMBs
5 – 9 employees
Medium SMBs
10 – 49 employees
Large SMBs
50 – 249 employees
250 – 999 employees
1000+ employees
Top segments by vertical
Local directories
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  • Friction-free screen sharing. The salesperson continues the discussion but complements the call with screen-sharing. The prospect does not have to download anything and is not prompted to register to use the service. There is no need to end the phone call to pick up the discussion on a new platform. The presenter does not have to stop the flow of the conversation to troubleshoot the prospect through technical issues.
  • CrankWheel works all the time. Close in the first call. As soon as a prospect is on the phone, the salesperson can start screen sharing. There is no need to get the prospect to agree to a new meeting with the risk of a no-show. The prospect can be out and about without a computer but can still view the screen sharing session on a mobile device.
  • Give control to the viewer. The presenter can pass control over to the viewer. This function can be used to help prospects fill out forms or log in without them sharing sensitive information with the presenter.


  • Screen recording functionality. Users can use CrankWheel to record their desktop. This can be used to record sessions or to record sales videos that can be shared via email.
  • Unlimited users. Customers never have to pay for inactive users. CrankWheel’s pricing model is based on usage.
  • Share webcam. Presenters can share their webcams, either during a screen sharing or independently. Viewers can’t share their webcams.

Pain points

  • Sharing visuals via email: With CrankWheel, there is no need to send sales enablement material via email during a sales call. The salesperson can give the prospect the pitch in the right order, there is no chance of skipping to the price before any value has been attached to it. 
  • Prospects zoning out during sales calls: The salesperson can monitor how engaged the prospect is; how the pointer of the mouse is moving and gets an alert when the prospect is no longer viewing the material. 
  • Long sales cycles: By adding screen sharing to the phone, salespeople can hammer the iron while it’s hot and more sales stages can be completed in the first call. No need to deliver a pitch to prospects, send further details over the mail and hope that they will read it and show up for the follow-up meeting. With CrankWheel, the sale can be closed in the first call – even the first cold call.
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