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LastPass MSP

The service directly enables service providers to add new revenue streams. This offering is a comprehensive solution that enables service providers to expand their market share, automate, grow recurring revenue, and increase customer stickiness.

M365 Security & Compliance Packs
Cooper Parry IT Ltd

At Bam Boom Cloud we don’t believe in complicating things with bespoke scoping exercises and drawn out implementations, that’s why we’ve created our one-off, fixed-price, fixed-scope M365 Security & Compliance Packs which unlock the functionality within Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) needed to help protect your business.

Mimecast MSP

The service directly enables service providers to add new revenue streams. This offering is a comprehensive solution that enables service providers to expand their market share, automate, grow recurring revenue, and increase customer stickiness.

Modshield SB
StrongBox IT LLC

Modshield SB, a custom-built and affordable Web Application Firewall (WAF) protects your web and mobile applications from security threats and comes equipped with premium features that include a built-in load balancer, Data loss protection and Analytics. The Modshield SB WAF is an easy to implement, plug and play device that is powered by Modsecurity and the OWASP Core Rule Set to protect you from a wide range of threat vectors.

Northbridge Secure Systems NetConnect is a secure remote access solution which can be used to quickly enable a sustainable, managed Work From Home solution for any business. With NetConnect, service providers can stay relevant to their customers needs by offering a single solution for Work From Home, BYOD, mobility and new ways of working in a highly secure, user-friendly and efficient manner.
Netsweeper Internet Tools
Netsweeper Inc

Netsweeper allows organisation to control internet access, review online activity, and protect their network from harmful content. Netsweeper delivers Internet filtering, protection from phishing attacks and corporate internet governance. Our software only tool works online and offline capabilities ensure machines are constantly covered. It can also monitor screen usage, looking for harmful content and suspicious activity. Works as standard through VPN and HTTPS protocols.

Network Defense as a Service (NDaaS)
CyGlass Inc.

Network Defense as a Service: CyGlass simply and effectively identifies, detects, and responds to threats to your network without requiring any additional hardware, software, or people.

Pixm Anti-Phishing
Pixm, Inc. Pixm Anti-Phishing is the world's first, device-based, real-time phishing prevention to shut down phishing attacks at the point of click using AI computer vision.
Proofpoint Essentials

Proofpoint Essentials is a cybersecurity solution providing you with enterprise-class, people-centric protection and visibility. And it gives you a modern, simplified management experience.

RMail & RSign by RPost

RMail & RSign: All-in-One E-Sign, Email Encryption, Registered Email Track & Prove, Large File Share, and more; runs in Microsoft 365 Outlook, Gmail, Salesforce, any web/mobile browser. RMail & RSign automate cybersecurity, simplify privacy compliance, digitize workflows with e-signatures. RMail email encryption is easy for recipients, includes auditable proof of privacy compliance. RSign makes e-sign simple, controlled, automated & affordable. RPosts award-winning services used worldwide, since 2003.

SafeNet Trusted Access

Building on Thales’s award winning authentication service, SafeNet Trusted Access lets you operate securely in the cloud by preventing data breaches, simplifying access, and enabling compliance.

Sophos Central
Sophos Central

With Sophos MSP Connect, say goodbye to managing complex security from multiple vendors and embrace the power of one. With one vendor, one program and one security portfolio, you can provide your customers with proven and comprehensive protection that is managed from one simple management platform.

The SSL Store

Seamlessly sell SSL certificates to your customers, allowing them to purchase, generate, and issue—all within your branded CloudBlue portal.

Storage Bridge for XProtect
Tiger Technology AD

Tiger Technology Storage Bridge Plug-in for Milestone XProtect. Enables seamless integration of XProtect with any cloud provider. Dramatically reduce storage costs and increase data protection.

Symantec A Division of Broadcom
Symantec Corporation

Broadcom Inc. is a global infrastructure technology leader built on 50 years of innovation, collaboration and engineering excellence. Through the combination of industry leaders Broadcom, LSI, Broadcom Corporation, Brocade, CA Technologies and Symantec, the company has the size, scope and engineering talent to lead the industry into the future.

SyncDog Secure Systems
SyncDog, Inc.

The SyncDog Trusted Mobile Platform finally gives resellers & service providers the mobile security solution they want - A complete solution from a single vendor that offers all the mobile security tools a company needs : Mobile Device Management (MDM), Containerization, Mobile Threat Defense (MTD), Anti Phishing, Anti-Malware, Private App Store and new productivity tools that all work equally well on company issued devices or personal devices (BYOD). GDPR, CMMC/800-171, CCPA, SAMA etc. Compliant !

Systancia Cleanroom Session

The Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution in public cloud service which allows to define administration accesses to resources by controlling the accounts used to authenticate on the resource and by finely tracing all the actions performed.

Systancia Workroom Session

Secure remote access solution to enable workforces to fully access their digital workplace with trust and empowerment, in all circumstances (work from home, on call, on travel, working for third party service providers, etc.).

The Preference Hub
Dazzle Technologies Ltd

The Preference Hub is a partner branded managed mobility platform that provides Android mobile device services including EMM capability, device insights, content management and service ticket management all for a low monthly subscription. Unlike SOTI and other EMM providers, you brand this solution as your own system drive great recurring revenue streams.

Transientx TransientAccess is a zero trust network access (ZTNA) solution which uses an application networking paradigm to simplify and secure remote access, revolutionizing the way enterprises implement zero trust networks. It couples zero trust architecture with granular access control policies, application segmentation and full visibility. TransientAccess is a cloud-native alternative to VPNs for MSPs, enabling them to deliver remote access securely, with no performance hit.
Trend Micro Cloud App Security
Trend Micro

Trend Micro Cloud App Security offers advanced threat detection and data loss provention (DLP) for Microsoft Office 365.

Trend Micro Email Security
Trend Micro

Stop more phishing, ransomware, and fraud attacks by using a cross-generational blend of threat techniques

Trend Micro Maximum Security

Trend Micro™ Maximum Security secures your connected world by providing protection against malware, ransomware and online banking threats, by using advanced artificial intelligence. It helps protect you from identity theft, viruses, online scams, and emerging threats.

Trend Micro Worry-Free Services
Trend Micro

Trend Micro Worry-Free Services provides enterprise-class protection for for your business devices and email. It protects against viruses, dangerous websites and other threats.

V-OS Trusted Identity
V-Key Pte. Ltd.

V-OS Trusted Identity combines various technologies to provide multiple factors of verification & authentication when employees log in to their systems. We ensure the integrity of the mobile app & the digital identity of employees. Using just Username & Password is insufficient to guarantee authentication & grant access, especially for web browsers. We enhance cybersecurity, protect corporate data theft from lost or stolen credentials, password fatigue, leaked shared secrets, phishing & even keyloggers.

WedgeARP Secure Home Office
Wedge Networks Inc.

WedgeARP Secure Home Office (WedgeSHO™) - powered by the Wedge Absolute Real-time Protection (WedgeARP™) platform - is a cloud-managed, cloud-enforced secure VPN offering that provides a high-quality VPN service with a vast array of optimized Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS) features not typically available to SMEs and work from home (WFH) users.

White Shark MSS
White Hat IT Security Kft.

The service directly enables service providers to add new revenue streams. This offering is a comprehensive solution that enables service providers to expand their market share, automate, grow recurring revenue, and increase customer stickiness.

Zero Trust based Unified Secure Access
Block Armour Pte Ltd

Blockchain-powered & SDP-architectured Secure and Compliant remote access based on Zero Trust ; Unification platform with single pane of glass visibility across users, devices, workloads from anywhere to anywhere.

ZEROSPAM Security Inc

Zerospam is a cloud-based, AI-driven email security solution that is deadly accurate and utterly simple. It provides built-in and highly efficient protection against all email-borne threats, including the most dangerous ransomware and spearphishing.

BlockDrive, LLC

BlockDrive SaaS gives companies the ability to audit, track and protect their most valuable data using the power of blockchain.

Hacker Alert
Guardian360 BV

Despite all the measures taken, the chance of an intruder hacking your network still exists. Whether it's a vindictive (ex-)employee, a competitor or a criminal organization, virtually every company could be a potential victim.

Holmes Software
Holmes Software B.V.

The weakest link in the security of company data and IT are your colleagues. You can install as many spam filters and firewalls as you want. Only one employee has to click on a link in a phishing email and your company is in danger. So don't get swindled. Get Holmes—the human phishing firewall.

InfoSaaS Ltd

InfoSaaS is leading U.K. platform that manages business compliance and control risk. We help organizations of all sizes to streamline workloads, prevent human error and gain control across information security, risk management and data protection.

Network Security Audits
Guardian360 BV

The Guardian360 platform provides insights on the security of an organization's applications and infrastructure with continuous scanning and live reporting.

Network Vulnerability Scanner
Guardian360 BV

The Guardian360 Network Vulnerability scanner consists of multiple scanners that constantly scan and monitor office network environments from the outside in and inside out for weak spots, vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

Perimeter 81
Perimeter 81

Perimeter 81 is a Zero Trust Network as a service that secures network, cloud and application access, and protects an organization's most valuable resources—all with one unified platform.

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