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Release Notes


This page contains the list of changes introduced to the CloudBlue Extension for CloudBlue Commerce.

Please note that the upgrade of the extension must be initiated directly from your CloudBlue Commerce and we strongly recommended having it always up to date in order to ensure that all features available in Connect are supported by the CloudBlue Commerce instance.


It is required to install the latest ( version of the Abstract Types Package, in case you run CloudBlue Commerce version before 21.3, and the latest (26.0-2) Extension Package into the CloudBlue Commerce instance in order to install any new versions of products. Otherwise, any new product package deployment will fail with errors like ‘Package metafile URI of type … not found‘.


Release date: May 10, 2023

  1. Add privilege limitation on ‘Reseller Authorization’ menu item
  2. Hub Product GET API – get product info with capabilities and parameters


Release date: November 30, 2022

  1. Support for localization on Tier Configurations and Subscriptions
  2. Support for dynamic parameters constraints


Release date: November 30, 2021

  1. Full support of scheduled actions initiated by vendors or by distributors (requires latest version of CBC 21.3)
  2. Multiple performance improvements


Release date: July 13, 2021

  1. Added support for adjustments on tier configurations and subscriptions
  2. Added Inquiring support on change orders
  3. Added parameters change support on plan changes
  4. Enhanced UX1 capabilities:
    1. Subscription view
    2. Order status view


Release date: April 1, 2021

  1. Solved issue with parameters without hint text


Release date: March 9, 2021

  1. Support for the UX1 Public (anonymous) store. It is now possible to pass ordering phase parameter values from an external website to vendors when products are purchased using the UX1 public store.
  2. Improved parameters handling
  3. The new version of the Adapter package (v22.0-1) has been published with some improvements for CloudBlue Commerce’s “Cloud-Native” deployments.


Release date: Dec 17, 2020

1.New home tile for UX1 resellers: Now resellers can see after login if there is any tier configuration that requires their attention


Release date: Oct 20, 2020

  1. Support for multi-subscription (“account-wide services”) in the Customer Control Panel v2
    1. For end-customers with more than one subscription for the same product, subscriptions will now be visually grouped into the same top-level element of the left-side navigation menu.
    2. For end-customers with just one subscription, the experience will remain the same as in the previous release.
  2. Enhanced Real-Time Validation support in various purchase flows
    1. Support for UX1 scenarios where reseller buys the same product multiple times for the same end-customer based on different plans.
    2. Support for page-global error messages
      • In case real-time validation returns the same error on more than one parameter, such an error message is now shown at the top of the page (“page-global”)
    3. Support for hidden to visible transition of parameters without errors in real-time validation
      • When vendors populate ordering parameters that were initially hidden in real-time validation and also return an error for at least one of the parameters, such hidden parameters become visible to the buyer.
      • Such parameters can also be optionally marked with an error if required.
  3. Operations and maintainability improvements
    1. When async operations are executed, the operator can now see detailed information about the request that is being tracked directly in the Task Manager
    2. In the case of inquiring, information about inquiring email address and activation form details are shown
    3. In case of errors, vendor response is shown in the task manager (and propagated to the order)
  4. Various performance and stability improvements


Release date: July 27, 2020

  1. Improved installation process of products. Please note that the latest version of Adapter (19.0-20) is required.
  2. Fixed issue that prevented real-time validation to work properly in CCPv2
  3. Fixed issue with editing certain parameters on tier configurations


Release date: July 9, 2020

  1. Added support for new parameter types introduced in CloudBlue Connect v20, like address, password, domain, subdomain, and others.
  2. Added support for real-time parameters retrieval for products with versions generated after the v20 release.
  3. Added support for Tier Configuration creation on first purchase in UX1 for products with Tier-1 parameters.
  4. Added support for CB Commerce external identifiers 1.1. Please note that it is required to update abstract types package to the latest version in order to install new products or product updates.
  5. Added localization for Extension into multiple languages
  6. Improved Customer Control panel


Release date: May 21, 2020

  1. “Settings” Menu in the UX1 and PCP/RCP v1 has been renamed to the “My Services”. Providers and resellers of CloudBlue Commerce access this menu to manage tier configurations (settings) of their services.
  2. New logo for the “My Services” menu in the UX1


Release date: May 11, 2020

  1. Fixed an issue where some Tier Configuration requests were not created in the CloudBlue Connect for accounts owned by Resellers
  2. Improved labels and descriptions


Release date: May 1, 2020

  1. Support for the latest features of the CloudBlue Connect v19.2
  2. Product Management UI in the CloudBlue Commerce Extension integrated with the UX1 and PCP
  3. Tier Configuration management support in the UX1
  4. Support for the Tier Account Requests integration with the CloudBlue Connect


Release date: Apr 17, 2020

  1. Support for the updated CLI Tool
  2. Support for the CloudBlue Commerce 20.4
  3. Automatic upload of usage files for TR/PR/CR schemas
  4. The functionality of the legacy “Reseller services selector” has not superseded by the CloudBlue Connect Extension
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