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Prerequisite 1 – Abstract Types


In order to run on CloudBlue Commerce 21.0 and earlier (not required for versions for patched 21 and above), Connect requires a special APS application package called “Abstract Types” installed into the system as described below.

Download the Package

Download the abstract types package version application package to your local drive by clicking at the “Download” button below:

Import the Package

Follow the instructions below to successfully import the downloaded application package to the CloudBlue Commerce platform:

  1. Log in to the CloudBlue Commerce provider control panel.
  2. Proceed to Services and then access the Applications section.
  3. Click the Import Package button to initiate the import operation.

Once the system shows the Import Package dialog, choose to import a local file:

Click Choose File and locate the downloaded apsv2-abstract-types- application package.

Click the Submit button to finalize the import operation. For more information on the topic, please refer to the following article.

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