Adobe VIP Marketplace
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Adobe VIP Marketplace – Transfer Error Messages


From Adobe VIP Marketplace API


The customer is not in a valid country for this distributor. Use a distributor in a different region or wait until this distributor supports this country.


The market segment for this customer is either not supported by this distributor or not supported by VIPMP. Use a distributor who supports this market segment or wait for VIPMP to support this market segment.


This VIP Account is inactive.
Ask the customer/reseller to reactivate the VIP account.


The length of the contract term for this customer is not supported by VIPMP.
Wait for VIPMP to support this term length or wait until the current term ends.


The customer has open Purchase Authorization(s).
Ask the customer to cancel or return the open Purchase Authorizations (PAs), if possible. Or ask the customer to convert it to “Order and Paid For.”


The customer’s VIP contract has not been accepted.
Ask the customer to set up an administrator to accept the VIP contract.


The customer is in a renewal window and has either partially renewed or not renewed at all.
Ask the customer to either renew all active licenses or wait until the end of their renewal window.


The customer has no purchases or products.
Ask the customer to either make a purchase in VIP or create a new VIPMP account.


The customer still has order(s) in the return window.
The customer must now wait until the return window has closed (14 days after the last order).


The customer has product(s) that are not valid VIPMP product(s).
Wait for VIPMP to support the product(s).


The customer has unbilled order items.
Ask the customer to pay for all orders. If they have not received an invoice, the customer must contact Adobe.


The customer has open or unpaid invoice(s).
Ask the customer to pay for all their open invoice(s).

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