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Flowgear Connection


In order to use CloudBlue Connect node on Flowgear and establishing the connection between both platforms, it is required to create a Token on Connect. The following guidelines showcase how to create a token and how successfully configure this connection.

Create Your Flowgear Token

First of all, it is necessary to create a Flowgear token on the CloudBlue Connect platform as follows:

Access the Tokens section of the Integrations module on Connect platform.

Click the Create Token button to configure your new token. Once the system prompts you to define your token extension, select the Flowgear option.

In case more information on your token creation is required, refer to the Integrations module documentation.

Connection Configuration

Access the Connections section on the Flowgear platform and click + to create a new connection. Thereafter, configure this connection as follows:

  • Name: Specify your connection name by using this field.
  • Node: Select the CloudBlue Connect node.
  • Site Environment: Choose Test or Production environment for your connection.
  • URL: Enter the Connect API endpoint in this field.
  • Flowgear Token: Enter your token that is created on the Connect platform. It is highly recommended to use the corresponding copy icon. Otherwise, your token might not be copied correctly.

Once your connection configuration is complete, click the Save button on the Flowgear user interface. It is also possible to test your connection by using the Test button.

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