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The Workato extension aims to facilitate and streamline your workflows on the CloudBlue Connect platform. Namely, the provided integration helps Connect users automate various subscriptions operations, such as generating new subscriptions, fulfillment requests, cancel subscription requests, change subscription requests, and more.

The Workato platform allows defining and utilizing specific automation workflows that are called recipes on Workato. Therefore, such recipes are used to create and modify subscriptions on CloudBlue Connect and automatically provide Vendors with required subscription data.

The following documentation also showcases how to implement the Workato extension and integrate Connect with the Zuora platform. Zuora represents a comprehensive solution that is used to manage your subscription-based services. By following the provided Zuora integration scenario, users can combine the functionality of CloudBlue Connect with comprehensive management features of the Zuora platform.


Before starting to work with the integration, make sure that the following prerequisites are met:

  • Your Distributor or Reseller account should have established contractual relationship with a Vendor account and should be able to generate subscriptions on Connect.
  • Make sure to register your Workato account.
  • In case you want to implement the Zuora integration, make sure to register your Zuora account.
  • ZIP file with required Workato recipes is downloaded. Contact us to request and get this file.
  • In order to use the Workato Connector, it also necessary to get an invitation by contacting us.

About Workato

Workato represents an intelligent automation platform that is designed to automate business workflows. This platform can be used by both IT and Business. The platform also allows integrating your applications and automate complex and repetitive tasks without compromising governance and security.

The Workato platform helps organizations create powerful and secure business-critical integrations between cloud applications. By using the provided Workato extensions, Connect users can automate their business workflows just in a couple of minutes.

Learn more about Workato by visiting the official website.

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