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AI and Machine Learning
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Conversational AI
NDS Cognitive Labs

Affordable English and Spanish-language chatbot specialized solutions for companies. Rapid and affordable implementations that dramatically scale and improve customer engagement and retention, provide immediate 24/7 response, collect data, shorten sales cycles, and provide consistent multi-channel experiences. Integrating with global messaging platforms, provide human-like conversations, analyze sentiment and hand-off seamlessly to human agents, lower operational costs, learn and improve continuously.

Cyabra Strategy Ltd. [Fast-Track product] Cyabra is a social search engine. Monitoring and analyzing billions of interactions in real-time, Cyabra uncovers the good, bad & fake of online conversations. We measure authenticity, sentiment, and impact across all media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. By understanding online narratives, trends, and communities, Cyabra provides actionable insights to stop the spread of disinformation and reach the real audience.
DeviceTotal [Fast-Track product] DeviceTotal is a comprehensive, agentless, cloud-based, non-invasive platform for continuous analysis of unagentable devices.
Qomplx Inc. [Fast-Track product] QOMPLX: Good CyberSecurity starts with trust. QOMPLX continually validates identity to ensure that people on your network are who they claim to be. Identity based threat detection and response protects your business by uncovering attackers in real-time and prevents their network dominance.
Recognition as a Service – RaaS
Deep Recognition [Fast-Track product] The Recognition as a Service (RaaS) platform from Deep Recognition provides customers with an easy way to consume Recognition Technologies (e.g. AI and Decision Support) from Service Providers, Integrators and Telecommunication Companies. Recognition Technologies include vision-based Artificial Intelligence, Satellite Imagery and IoT sensors. The biggest inhibitors to widespread adoption of AI are ease of use, deployment, scalability and the privacy and ethics concerns.
Zapoj Z Suite
Zapoj India Private Limited [Fast-Track product] Zapoj Critical Event Management Z Suite enables the incident / crisis management teams to visualize potential business disruptive threats, trigger early warning alerts and helps to respond ahead of an incident or crisis. It also integrates with digital and IoT-sensor-based assets to track and alert stakeholders on disruptions. Clients have deployed Z suite onto their enterprise systems to gain risk insights, fortify the decision-making process and enhance organizational resiliency.
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