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Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services

AWS Service Provider Program Consolidated: This integration supports the AWS Solution Provider Program by provisioning Customer accounts linked under a Service Provider's AWS Organization. The cost and price rating activities are executed using native tools provided by AWS, therefore not requiring any external applications to support it.

Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services

AWS Distribution Consolidated with CloudCheckr (1-Tier): This integration supports the AWS Distribution Program by provisioning Customer accounts linked under a Service Provider's AWS Organization. It may also be used to support the Syndication Motion with Ingram Micro Cloud as the Service Provider. It includes integration with CloudCheckr to support the cost and price rating activities, as well as giving users access to the CloudCheckr CMx panel.

Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS), with CloudCheckr 2-Tier Dist, is a secure cloud services platform, offering compute power, database storage, content delivery and other functionality to help businesses build solutions and sophisticated applications with increased flexibility, scalability and reliability. CloudCheckr provides total visibility on your cloud management.

Amazon Web Services Master Payer
Amazon Web Services

AWS Distribution Standalone: This integration supports the AWS Distribution Program by provisioning accounts under the customer's own AWS Organization. This option is typically extended to more advanced customers who require greater control over their AWS accounts and organizations.

AWS Cost Optimization

CloudSaver is a leading cost optimization solution provider for enterprise IT organizations. Using proprietary technology and extensive managed service capabilities, CloudSaver is able to reduce customers' AWS cloud infrastructure spend by more than 50%.

Cloud Maker
Cloud Maker

Cloud Maker is a visual Azure design and deployment platform that enables you to rapidly diagram your Azure cloud solution using an intuitive drawing interface, configure your solution through a graphical user interface with assistive AI and deploy the design to Azure, no code required!

Cost Optimization Service
Ingram Micro Cloud Managed Services

Ingram Micro Cloud's Cost Optimization Service enables your organization to closely monitor costs and reduce spend by recommending instance optimization, budgets and workload analysis.

Fabulix Branch

Fabulix Branch HCI Platform is an Intelligent Retail Edge platform is a complete edge computing platform which provides Availability, Reliability, flexibility, and Secure infrastructure solution for branch locations.

Fabulix Converged Cloud

FABULIX is a Private / Hybrid Cloud solution brought to you by ISSQUARED, that allows customers to integrate seamlessly into the public cloud while allowing complete control over data security & localization requirements. Fabulix HCI Platform leverages Microsoft Azure HCI stack and goes beyond the traditional compute, storage, virtualization model by integrating network & firewalls also into a single, easy-to-use system

Fabulix Edge

Fabuilix Edge by design is a highly available, hyper-converged private cloud which allows customers to move their workload to the Edge of their network while reducing the cost by design it provide increased response times by having the workloads directly connected to the data storage

Fabulix HCI

FABULIX is a Private / Hybrid Cloud solution brought to you by ISSQUARED, that allows customers to integrate seamlessly into the public cloud while allowing complete control over data security & localization requirements.

Fabulix HCI Platform leverages Microsoft Azure HCI stack and goes beyond the traditional compute, storage, virtualization model by integrating network & firewalls also into a single, easy-to-use system

Google Cloud Platform
Google Inc.

Accelerate your transformation with Google Cloud Platform. Build apps faster, make smarter business decisions, and connect people anywhere. Future-proof your infrastructure by securely delivering services to users with speed and reliability—all on Google's infrastructure. Powerful data and analytics to easily capture, manage, process, and visualize data with GCP data analytics products. Go serverless and grow from prototype to production without having to think about capacity, reliability, or performance.

IBM Cloud
IBM Offerings

IBM Cloud lets you choose the right compute model for your workload and quickly deploy over 120 services including IBM Watson services. You can run applications in 49 IBM Cloud data centers.

Ingram Micro Benelux Pre-Sales
Ingram Micro Cloud Benelux

Ingram Micro Benelux Cloud has extensive product knowledge of a wide array of vendors. For years we have been consulting and advising you on the solution that best meets the needs of your customer.

At Ingram Micro we recognize that the Consulting phase is often your customer’s first, hands-on impression or your capabilities and the solution. We are very conscious of the pressure this might put on your team. Thats why we offer our services and help you in your cloud projects.

Microsoft Azure Services
Comms-care Ltd

These services provide expertise to Build, Embrace and Operate Microsoft Azure solutions.

NCE Microsoft Azure

The New Commerce Experience (NCE) for Azure offers alignment across all sales motions by single offer catalog for Azure Plan, common price list in USD and monthly calendar billing in customer location currency. Customers can gain cost and usage visibility, budgets and optimization with NCE Azure Cost Management.

NCE Microsoft Azure Reserved Instances

The service directly enables service providers to add new revenue streams. This offering is a comprehensive solution that enables service providers to expand their market share, automate, grow recurring revenue, and increase customer stickiness.

Nerdio for Azure
Adar Inc.

Nerdio for Azure is a comprehensive cloud automation platform that allows Microsoft partners to quickly and easily price, package, deploy, manage and optimize workloads in Microsoft Azure.

Nerdio Manager for MSP
Adar Inc.

Nerdio Manager for MSP empowers Managed Service Providers to price, deploy, manage and optimize virtual desktop environments in Microsoft Azure. Manage and monitor all customer deployments in an intuitive portal residing securely in your Azure tenant.

Ingram Micro Cloud Orchestrator

Enable your customers to manage their cloud infrastructure uniformly across AWS, Azure, etc.

Plug and Play Door Barricade
myDevices, Inc The smart solution for keeping students and staff safe during intruder events. LockDown Alert is the most powerful alert solution for door barricades. Instant SMS alerts increase emergency response. Activates within seconds. A cost-efficient solution for every budget.
Plug and Play Occupancy & People Counting
myDevices, Inc Occupancy & People Counting. Smart technology for real-time visibility of occupancy and space utilization across large venues, retail, workspaces, and restrooms.
Plug and Play Panic Button Solution
myDevices, Inc The Push&Protect Panic Button Solution helps hotels, hospitals, school campuses, and more, provide a safer environment for staff by providing wearable panic buttons that can be used to alert security in case of an emergency and accurately report the location of any employee, anywhere on hotel property.
Plug and Play Predictive Maintenance
myDevices, Inc PredictAlert is a turnkey predictive maintenance solution that alerts on the status of your operating machines. Prevent failures, reduce downtime, and save money with our powerful wireless sensor with embedded artificial intelligence. It’s easy to use and install!
Plug and Play Temperature Monitoring
myDevices, Inc Automate temperature monitoring with SimplySense. This plug-and-play solution is trusted by hospitals, hotels, and foodservice providers worldwide. Get real-time reporting, and instant SMS text message alerts for around-the-clock asset protection and regulatory compliance. Eliminate missed and error-prone manual readings with 24/7 automated monitoring.
Professional Service for Kubernetes
Kubermatic GmbH

Kubermatic is Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP) and Kubernetes Training Partner (KTP) of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).

Ribbon – EdgeView Cloud to Edge
Switch Connect

The EdgeView Service provides service providers a single web-based dashboard to manage service quality, monitor, provision and troubleshoot VoIP. It collects granular data on SIP sessions as well as overall data network performance via the deployment of EdgeMarc Intelligent Edge devices at each customer site. This data is sent to EdgeView for analysis and action, helping support teams get to the bottom of service quality issues.

Scaleway Elements Cloud

All you need to create, deploy and scale your infrastructure in the cloud within Europe and beyond.

Solution Platform for Kubernetes
Kubermatic GmbH

Automate operations of thousands of Kubernetes clusters across multi-cloud, on-prem, and edge environments with unparalleled density and resilience. Powered by Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform.

Unified Cloud Platform

DROOTOO's Unified Cloud Platform enables organizations to improve business agility with a one stop option to provision and optimize IT resources (compute, storage, network, virtual machines, databases, operating systems) on-demand from major cloud providers. Accelerate innovation by enabling IT to more effectively collaborate with business owners to meet KPIs and realize the benefits of cloud services.

Windows Virtual Desktop
Windows Virtual Desktop Managed

Quickly deploy virtual desktops and apps to enable secure remote work

Zetaris Cloud Data Fabric 9.1
Zetaris Pty Limited

Connect to databases, files, other systems, or any type of data source, and build a view for your BI, reporting, and other business tools. This is an Analytical Data Fabric and distributed SQL engine. Connect to a database, point to a table, and stitch an attribute in the table to attributes or tables or databases elsewhere, i.e. in another database or data source across the web, in the cloud, or in your on-prem data centre. Works with your favourite front end tools like Tableau, SAS, Qlik, etc.

WaaSUp GuestOnly

The WaaS'Up GuestOnly solution provides a hotspot for your visitors.


Cloudamize provides high precision analytics and powerful automation to improve the ease, speed and accuracy of moving clients to the cloud. This allows systems integrators and cloud consultants to accelerate cloud adoption and migration, and ultimately cloud revenue objectives.

Plug and Play Nurse Call System
myDevices, Inc Push&Call is a plug-and-play nurse call quick-deploy system that works right out of the box. Nurse Call systems can be customized for areas of any size.

WaaS’Up Integral

WaaS'Up Integral is a turnkey Wi-Fi as a service solution.

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