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Vendasta Technologies Inc.

Create beautiful WordPress websites hosted on Google Cloud Platform.

WedgeARP Secure Home Office
Wedge Networks Inc.

WedgeARP Secure Home Office (WedgeSHO™) - powered by the Wedge Absolute Real-time Protection (WedgeARP™) platform - is a cloud-managed, cloud-enforced secure VPN offering that provides a high-quality VPN service with a vast array of optimized Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS) features not typically available to SMEs and work from home (WFH) users.

White Shark MSS
White Hat IT Security Kft.

The service directly enables service providers to add new revenue streams. This offering is a comprehensive solution that enables service providers to expand their market share, automate, grow recurring revenue, and increase customer stickiness.

Windows Virtual Desktop
Windows Virtual Desktop Managed

Quickly deploy virtual desktops and apps to enable secure remote work


WittyParrot is a knowledge automation, collaboration and communication platform that makes accessing information easy with just a few clicks. It enables you to discover, classify, assemble, deliver and track all the content you need to work more effectively.

Workspace 365
Workspace 365 Workspace 365 simplifies access to information and applications based on your role, location and on any device in one adaptive workspace.
Workspace ONE® by VMware
VMware Simply and securely deliver and manage any app on any device with VMware Workspace ONE®, an intelligence-driven digital workspace platform. Workspace ONE integrates access control, application management and multi-platform endpoint management into a single platform.
Wrike, Inc. [Fast-Track product] Wrike is an enterprise-ready, cloud-based collaborative work management platform for managing cross-functional work at scale. Enterprises use Wrike to offer a single digital workplace for all of their departments and teams.
Zapoj Z Suite
Zapoj India Private Limited [Fast-Track product] Zapoj Critical Event Management Z Suite enables the incident / crisis management teams to visualize potential business disruptive threats, trigger early warning alerts and helps to respond ahead of an incident or crisis. It also integrates with digital and IoT-sensor-based assets to track and alert stakeholders on disruptions. Clients have deployed Z suite onto their enterprise systems to gain risk insights, fortify the decision-making process and enhance organizational resiliency.
Zero Trust based Unified Secure Access
Block Armour Pte Ltd

Blockchain-powered & SDP-architectured Secure and Compliant remote access based on Zero Trust ; Unification platform with single pane of glass visibility across users, devices, workloads from anywhere to anywhere.

Zerospam Cloud Email Security
ZEROSPAM Security Inc

Zerospam is a cloud-based, AI-driven email security solution that is deadly accurate and utterly simple. It provides built-in and highly efficient protection against all email-borne threats, including the most dangerous ransomware and spearphishing.

Zetaris Cloud Data Fabric 9.1
Zetaris Pty Limited

Connect to databases, files, other systems, or any type of data source, and build a view for your BI, reporting, and other business tools. This is an Analytical Data Fabric and distributed SQL engine. Connect to a database, point to a table, and stitch an attribute in the table to attributes or tables or databases elsewhere, i.e. in another database or data source across the web, in the cloud, or in your on-prem data centre. Works with your favourite front end tools like Tableau, SAS, Qlik, etc.

Zextras Carbonio
Zextras S.r.l. [Fast-Track product] Zextras Carbonio is the private e-mail and collaboration platform which enables the end-customers to maintain total control over data and communications and achieve digital sovereignty.
Accordo Cloud Optimizer for O365
Accordo Group Ltd.

Drive client engagement and accelerate revenue beyond licensing with Accordo Cloud Optimizer for Office 365. Partners who sell and service Office 365 tenants get actionable insights to better monetize client engagements and target incremental services to maximize client value and business outcomes.

Airtame Cloud Plus
Airtame US Inc. Airtame Cloud provides digital signage software that allows you to manage all your screens from one central place.

Apptivo is a cloud-based, integrated suite of business applications with wide variety of apps and the ability to modify the system to suit any business's needs. It gives service providers a perfect opportunity to expand their market share in SMBs, grow recurring license revenue and increase customer stickiness.

WaaSUp GuestOnly

The WaaS'Up GuestOnly solution provides a hotspot for your visitors.

Nyotron Paranoid

Paranoid protects endpoints and prevents damage from malware that bypasses existing security controls while offering granular visibility into the attack.

ShortPoint, Inc.

ShortPoint is a subscription software that helps teams build gorgeous intranets with no coding from their existing content systems, such as Office 365, SharePoint and SAP Portal.

BlockDrive, LLC

BlockDrive SaaS gives companies the ability to audit, track and protect their most valuable data using the power of blockchain.

Boole Server Srl

BooleBox is one of the most reliable data protection platforms on the market. Archive, edit and share your data with ease, using a rigorous military encryption system.


Cloudamize provides high precision analytics and powerful automation to improve the ease, speed and accuracy of moving clients to the cloud. This allows systems integrators and cloud consultants to accelerate cloud adoption and migration, and ultimately cloud revenue objectives.

Cloud Worldwide Services

eComFax is a cloud-based fax service that allows companies to send and receive faxes and SMS from virtually any place that has an internet connection, either via email or through the cloud-based platform of the fax provider.

Encore Vault

Use Encore Vault to optimize your teams' productivity, streamline processes, enhance communication, and improve customer service—all from an application that does even more to protect your valuable information.

Fotopia Capture
Fotopia Technologies - FZE

Fotopia Capture is a smart, enterprise, document-capture solution for SharePoint and O365. It allows users to directly scan documents to SharePoint, enhance image quality, add smart indexing with metadata along with quality control and direct export. It's the first step towards a complete ECM.

Fotopia Discovery
Fotopia Technologies - FZE

Fotopia Discovery is a smart search tool built for SharePoint and Office 365. It converts your unstructured data into a unified search experience. It's a unique solution for instant search and retrieval of any content from your SharePoint repository, ensuring office productivity and compliance.

Fotopia Viewer
Fotopia Technologies - FZE

Fotopia Viewer is a fully-integrated system that expands the scope of SharePoint by providing users with precision tools to improve productivity and collaboration. Features include document scanning, universal viewer and document annotations such as comments, zonal redaction, signatures and stamps.


Geo's advanced mobile workforce management platform simplifies business workflows. From scheduling jobs and communicating with field workers to keeping track of costs, Geo streamlines the process so that business owners and managers can focus on the important tasks.

Holmes Software
Holmes Software B.V.

The weakest link in the security of company data and IT are your colleagues. You can install as many spam filters and firewalls as you want. Only one employee has to click on a link in a phishing email and your company is in danger. So don't get swindled. Get Holmes—the human phishing firewall.

InfoSaaS Ltd

InfoSaaS is leading U.K. platform that manages business compliance and control risk. We help organizations of all sizes to streamline workloads, prevent human error and gain control across information security, risk management and data protection.

Intelligent Service Management

Intelligent Service Management offers a robust, full-featured service management suite that’s simple and affordable. The solution spans from help desk oriented customer support to full service management, including IT service management.

Luma Virtual Agent

Luma Virtual Agent

Movere, Inc.

Movere is a SaaS platform that provides the intelligence you need to make intelligent decisions.

Refractiv Limited

Overdrive is an innovative SaaS product and site builder which lets service providers add new revenue streams and recurring subscriptions to their portfolio. Overdrive's automated tools for site creation and maintenance enable rapid and straightforward deployment of powerful solutions for customers in all sectors. There is also the opportunity to provide added value through consultancy and customisations. The Overdrive team will provide a full pre-sales service for service providers on request.

Plug and Play Nurse Call System
myDevices, Inc

PushandCall.com: Push&Call is a plug-and-play nurse call quick-deploy system that works right out of the box. Nurse Call systems can be customized for areas of any size.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks makes online accounting easy.

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